Real Futures is majority Aboriginal owned, controlled and managed Supply Nation Certified Company. Founded in 2011 by Wendy Yarnold and Brad Carbutt, our original focus was on connecting Indigenous Australians looking for work during the resource sector boom. We have significantly broadened our scope to encompass all opportunities with all Industry Sectors and our success has enabled an expansion of our footprint across three states. In 2018 we were appointed as Disability Employment Services providers for Kempsey, Coffs Harbour and Geraldton and surrounding communities.

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Our mission is to appropriately skill and empower Aboriginal people to become workplace assets and community role models.

We help build community capacity through job-readiness training, services and employment.

Real Futures has eight offices spread across New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia. We are recognised as being one of the most successful VTEC providers in the country with a reputation for supporting, nurturing and encouraging our aspirants to chase and achieve their dreams.

A hallmark of our success is the high number of aspirants who have risen to supervisor or management roles within the companies they were initially placed and the number of referrals we receive from employers and employees.

Our core values include respect for culture, application of high standards of ethics and accountability to everything we do, empowerment and capacity building through consultation, and earning mutually trustful relationships through integrity.

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Real Futures Pty Ltd is proud to be Supply Nation Certified, meaning that we are majority Aboriginal owned, controlled and managed.

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Our Partnership

Job Readiness and Employment

In August 2017, Real Futures gained a new shareholder, Angus Knight Pty Ltd (AKG). AKG comprises: Jobfind (5 STAR DES Generalist Provider; RISE Ventures (outcomes are in the top 5% for delivery of Community Development Program); SumTotal (Learning Management System and Business Solutions); LearnNow (Training); Angus Knight Learning (RTO) and a 50% shareholding in JOBLIFE (a Joint Venture with Life Without Barriers – a not for profit provider specialising in disability services).

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Consultancy Services

Reach Out Officers (ROOs)
We offer a reach out service customised to your business. Our ROO’s are available to support your employees in the workplace and community.

Social and Economic Impact Analyses.
We are able to research and produce a Social and Economic Impact Analysis to demonstrate your organisation’s positive actions towards ending disparity.

Aboriginal Employment Strategy
We can assist to deliver your Aboriginal Employment Strategy and strengthen your organisation’s community engagement.

Cultural competency training.
We can deliver industry specific training that addresses the unique needs of your organisation, employees and community.

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