Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety is critical to success when employers are looking to enrich their workplace with Aboriginal peoples. Respect for Culture, histories, values and connections is what builds pathways to mutual growth to move forward and flourish.

Real Futures can provide Cultural Competency/Awareness/Learning sessions to inform supervisors, workers and stakeholders of Aboriginal practices and protocols that relate directly to the industry.
This understanding assists with communication and adhesion of a strong, meaningful workforce with a commonality around the connection to Country and family. The training is parallel to all workplace culture that enhances shared values of attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and language. All are powerful factors that shape the identity of a company and an individual.

We endeavour to encourage learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations. Due to workplace availability, these sessions are introductory to a long journey of discovery. They can be delivered half day, full day or a 2 day camp on Country. The sessions are also offered as a one on one tutorial. All sessions will be conducted by an informed trainer and Traditional Owner from the location where requested.

Participation and subsequent learning supports and frees the workplace from discrimination and harassment and promotes the retention of Aboriginal workers creating an environment where substantial economic and social change can happen. We are totally flexible and able to give your team/s what they require to ensure a level of Aboriginal Cultural understanding is obtained. We have facilitated sessions for large and small groups and welcome your input on what will work best for your staff and company. Our sessions are interactive and informative with a focus on providing a positive learning experience for everyone.

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