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Integrated skills development that benefits both employers and aspiring employees

At Real Futures we know that empowering people starts with education and training.

We also know that training works best when it brings together the needs and aspirations of both job seekers and employers.

How our integrated approach to training can work for you

Job-specific training is what our Vocational Training and Education Centres (VTECs) are all about.

A focus on skills development also underpins our services in remote regions through the Community Development Program, as well as in meeting the specialised training needs of the people we work with through our Disability Employment Services.

As part of the Angus Knight Group, which includes the industry-leading Angus Knight Institute, integrated training is in our DNA.

And because our support doesn’t stop once we place someone in a job, we can also help you with workforce education and training more broadly, whether that’s through diversity workshops, mentoring or cultural competence training.

The power of job-specific training through our VTECs

VTECs are part of the Australian Government’s strategy to end inequality for First Nations Australians through support-based training and employment. Based on the successful Generation One ‘employment first’ training model, VTECs are the place where people who want to work meet employers who want to hire them.

We place job-ready people with employers, ensure they get the right training, and support both parties for as long as needed.

A respected national network

Based on continued quality of service delivery, Real Futures is the only national VTEC provider with the capacity, trust and respect of First Nations peoples to provide work opportunities across Australia.

We have VTEC offices in:

Real Futures’ VTEC program has five components

community engagement
work readiness
vocational training
guaranteed jobs
post-placement support

What this means for employers

For employers, this means:

We engage with you closely to understand your needs: We can then introduce you to the right people for the jobs you need to fill. We organise Connection Days or Mob Days, where aspirants can meet you, learn about available job opportunities and identify gaps that need training to enable a smooth transition to work. Real Futures takes care of all the details.

Potential employees are motivated and job ready: Our approach is flexible and takes into account the person’s circumstances and commitments as well as their attitudes and aspirations, so we can make sure our people fit your expectations as employer. Our pre-employment support covers everything from helping to get a driver’s licence to life skills training to address potential barriers. We know it’s not a quick fix.
Employees are specifically trained to do the jobs you’re offering: Real Futures organises training based on the needs of both employer and the aspiring employee. Job pre-requisites and training requirements are discussed at the initial consultation stage and then tailored once jobs are identified and applicants selected. Training can involve full qualifications, clusters of units, recognition of prior learning or traineeships. It can be delivered by your preferred registered training organisation or sourced through an RTO identified as appropriate by Real Futures.
We work with you to identify jobs that you are willing to guarantee to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian: This means looking first at attitude and potential for a productive employee – and understanding that everything after that can be taught. We will work with you to understand the skills and training you need for the positions available.
Both you and your new employee will be supported for the first six months: Real Futures’ Reach Out Officers (ROOs) work with our aspirants and employers to maintain a sustainable relationship. They are Aboriginal community leaders who operate in the region/community where participants feel most comfortable. They aim to keep our job starters on track, while respecting culture and tradition.

Find out more about Generation One and the Australian Government’s First Nations employment strategies

Generation One

Generation One is an initiative of the Minderoo Foundation, promoting a demand-led approach to achieving First Nations job parity. It involves securing employment for candidates prior to training, coordinating job-ready development programs to help candidates, and linking service provider payments to long-term outcomes.

The Australian Government

The Australian Government understands that employment is critical to the health and prosperity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For all Australians, employment offers social and economic benefits that flow to individuals, families, communities and the economy as a whole.

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