Empowerment. Experience. Independence.

Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC)

Real Futures has changed the lives of thousands of Aboriginal people, their families and their communities – their mob – by negotiating and being able to offer jobs that match our aspirants’ individual needs.

We’re leaders in real change and real growth for Aboriginal people across Australia, delivering proven programs that support their ideas, energy and ability, enriching lives enabling freedom of choice.

Real Futures – champions of empowerment

Our aspirants are living examples of how Real Futures makes significant change, particularly the economic and social impact they make on their communities. We empower our people through financial freedom, transferable skills and links to personal financial help to consolidate debt, buy a car or a home or finally able to afford a special celebration with family.

We’re Connected

Real Futures’ well established, successful employment and engagement model has been duplicated across Australia with strong, respected relationships from national employers. The model is based on an underpinning philosophy all about mutual respect where workplaces and lives are enhanced by employing a First Australian.

We Create Opportunity For You

Every day we create new opportunities, and our capacity to establish labour markets, where previously there were none because it was sometimes “too hard” for employers to engage and grow an Aboriginal workforce, is unmatched.

As a majority Aboriginal owned company we take care of our mob and understand the issues that you face on and off the job and how important belonging to Country and community are. Our work also changes the lives of non-Aboriginal people as they engage with those who have come on board in their workplace, pushed together by a common desire to do better.

How We Can Help

If you are ready to work, or need the skills to chase that dream job, we can help you.

We can find you work in:

  • Building, Construction & Transport
  • Resources
  • Hospitality, Retail and Tourism
  • Business & Administration
  • Health & Country, including Childcare & Aged Care

We can help you with:

  • Licencing requirements
  • Understanding Workplace Language
  • Work Experience
  • Pre-employment, Induction and  Job Specific training

We welcome your feedback

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