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Our St Marys office is a Vocational Training and Employment Centre. We place job-ready people with employers and support both parties for as long as needed. VTECs form part of the Australian Government’s strategy to end inequality for First Australians through support based training and employment. Following the successful Generation One employment model, VTECs are the place where people who want to work meet employers who want to hire them.

Warami (Welcome) to Darug Nation.

We have a deep passion for real change – creating real futures and empowerment for Aboriginal people through employment. We achieve this by dovetailing the needs of First Australians with employers to create sustainable outcomes.

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How VTEC works

We’ll take care of all the details for our aspirant job seekers. This includes meeting potential employers, resume upgrade, interview skills and job search.

“Aspirant, Applicant, Active, Achiever, Advance” – that’s our approach to the unique phases of worker development.

Our life experience tells us that work practices to get our mob ready to start and keep working cannot be rigid and need to include our aspirant’s whole family, community, customs and Country commitments and then make sure that our people fit the employer’s expectations.

Training can involve full qualifications, clusters of units, Recognition of Prior Learning or Traineeships and can be delivered by the employer’s preferred Registered Training Organisation or sourced through an RTO identified as appropriate by Real Futures.

Real Futures organises training based on the needs of the employer and the aspirant so that it is industry, job and culturally specific. Job pre-requisites and training requirements are discussed at the initial consultation stage and then tailored once jobs are identified and the applicants selected.

Every job we advertised is a guaranteed job for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian.

VTECs will source job vacancies directly from employers who have emerging industry opportunities and are willing to look first at personality and potential for a productive employee to be chosen – everything after that can be taught. VTECs will work with employers that guarantee jobs to indigenous job seekers to understand what skills and training the employer requires for the positions available.

Real Futures Reach-Out-Officers (ROOs) are vital to ensuring our aspirants and employers maintain a sustainable relationship – it is their sole purpose to ensure these relationships are maintained and continue to work throughout our aspirant’s journey.

Real Futures ROOs employed on the front line track our job starters whilst respecting culture and traditional issues, aimed at reducing the chance of our participants being overcome with circumstance that may cause disruption and eventually cessation in the workforce.

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