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Welcome to the Aspirant stage of Real Futures Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC).

Real Futures is all about empowering community through long term change, and one of those changes is training and long term employment.  That means we need people who will be leaders for their communities by being committed to training and holding down a steady job.

We will need some of your identification numbers for this form.  Before downloading and starting this form, it is handy to locate any of the following IDs to keep with you theto help you fill out the form more quickly.

  • Job Seekers Identification
  • Centrelink Reference Number
  • Working with Children Check or Ochre Number
  • Student Identification Number

Please take your time to complete this form and don’t forget to contact your Reach Out Officer (ROO), if you get stuck. Once you have completed the form please email to [email protected] along with your photo ID or contact your ROO and arrange a appointment to go through this together.

We welcome your feedback

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