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Become a partner - Employer and indigenous staff member

Work with us to create something good

Our partnerships with employers across Australia have made us the employment service of choice for many.

Employers working with Real Futures benefit from our unique understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities we engage with every day.

Real Futures is made up of Mob. We live and breathe the community and understand people’s needs like no other provider.

We thrive on relationships

Our network of employers, partners and registered training organisations, as well as our strong relationships within the First Nations community, are the backbone of our success. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships built on a deep understanding and appreciation of cultural difference.

We believe this can enrich workplaces and generate prosperity.

Benefit from specialised knowledge combined with national clout

When you join Real Future’s employer network, you can also get access to a range of employment and workforce planning resources that flow from Real Futures’ partnerships within the Angus Knight Group, including: 

assistance and advice on human resources, wages and employment conditions
data analysis including labour market trends, notice of skills shortages and future economic developments to help you plan and recruit your future workforce
human resources planning, including strategies to increase diversity and innovation, employee retention and reduced absenteeism
the opportunity to tap into integrated training services through our training partnerships with the Angus Knight Institute.
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Become an employer partner.

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