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Find team members

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We can help build your team

We start by understanding what you’re looking for so we can tailor our services to what you need –and help you build diversity at the same time.

Our job-ready candidates are hand-picked to match your needs from our comprehensive database. We have spent time getting to know our aspiring job seekers so we understand their talents, abilities and passions, and we work with them one-on-one to develop the attitude, skills and qualifications you need.

We take care of all the details to get workers onboard

And we don’t just move on once they are with you; we continue to offer post-placement support for at least six months to ensure everyone is getting the most from the partnership. Our post placement support can include cultural and inclusion training and assistance for you to grow a productive, diverse workplace.

Let us help you find the right people for your business.

We help you benefit from diversity

We offer businesses the opportunity to benefit from a more diverse workforce. Diversity helps empower your business through:

enhancing innovation, new thinking, and a better understanding of sections of your market
improving positive brand awareness and being seen as an employer and supplier of choice
giving your business a competitive edge in tendering and procurement opportunities
meeting corporate social responsibility targets
assistance and advice on human resources, wages and employment conditions.

Diverse workplaces

Diverse workplaces that are inclusive and dynamic also contribute to:

building stronger, more empowered teams and higher retention rates
expanding the knowledge and capability of the rest of your workforce
closing skills gaps, and enhancing social and economic change in First Nations communities.

Unique ongoing support

Real Futures’ Reach Out Officers (ROOs) are Aboriginal mentors (Elders and respected community leaders) who provide holistic support for job seekers and employers so they can maintain a sustainable relationship. ROOs operate at three levels of obligation: community and family, training and in the workplace. They are your first point of contact if any issue arises and are available 24/7.

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