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How we can help

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We support businesses to embrace a diverse and inclusive workforce

Many Australian businesses are seeing the benefits of a more diverse workforce and becoming employers of choice as a result.

At Real Futures we specialise in supporting First Nations people and people living with disability into sustainable employment. People are not products to us. We have a personal investment in them as well, so that we can continue our support and championing of both the employer and the recruit right through until both are thriving in their new professional relationship.

We can help you find staff – at no cost to you

Real Futures can find suitable staff to meet your recruitment needs. We can promote your vacancies, screen, and source candidates. We can arrange interviews and assist with any onboarding requirements.

Most importantly, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from a more diverse workforce by employing First Nations Australians or people living with disabilities.

Our employment consultants work with our aspiring job seekers one-on-one to ensure that by the time they’re presented to you for consideration they are capable, willing, and ready for long-term employment. We do this through listening and understanding their needs, mentoring, working with family and community, work experience, training and community supports.

There is no fee to use our services.

We pay personal attention to the needs of your business

A hallmark of Real Futures is personal attention, combined with a depth of expertise in skilling up and supporting our people to dovetail with the needs of your business. For example, our Real Futures follows a unique five-phase process tailored to achieve quality workplace outcomes while fulfilling the career aspirations of employees.

We can make sure employees have the skills and training you need

Real Futures organises training based on the needs of the employer and the aspiring employee. Job prerequisites and training requirements are discussed at the initial consultation stage and then tailored once jobs are identified and the applicants selected.

We can help you with advice around traineeships and apprenticeships. We have the networks in place and can ensure you are looked after and supported when putting on a trainee and/or an apprentice.

We can also help you with workforce education and training more broadly, whether that’s through diversity workshops, mentoring or cultural competence training.

We provide ongoing support

We know our job doesn’t stop when we place an employee with you.

Real Futures has a unique external support service to support our people maintain constant attendance at work and overcome barriers that can affect their ability to do their job. Our Reach Out Officers (ROOs) provide a holistic approach to common problems that occur off the job, and we stay in regular contact with employers and new employees once a job seeker has been placed.

We go the extra step to ensure successful outcomes for all. This can even be as simple as helping an employee get to work if their car breaks down.

We provide consultancy services

We can research and produce a Social and Economic Impact Analysis to demonstrate your organisation’s positive actions towards ending disparity.
We can help you to develop and deliver an Indigenous Employment Strategy and strengthen your organisation’s community engagement.
We can deliver industry-specific training that addresses the unique needs of your organisation, employees and community.
When you join Real Future’s employer network, you can also get access to a range of employment and workforce planning resources that flow from Real Futures’ partnership with Angus Knight Group.
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Got more questions?

We’re here to help. Our frequently asked questions might have the answer you are looking for.

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