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New office opens in Gascoyne

By 28/06/2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Monday July 1, 2019

Good news for Job seekers in Gascoyne

Real Futures opens offices in Gascoyne today, delivering Community Development Programs (CDP) to boost employment and education opportunities for job seekers in the Gascoyne with site locations in Carnarvon, Exmouth, Burringarrah and Gascoyne Junction communities

CDP is a Federal Government funded program aimed at increasing hands on vocational skills that provide employment opportunities for people on welfare. Real Futures work with individuals, communities and local employers to create job pathways and identify potential self-employment and industry gaps strengthening economic and social participation in communities.

As an Aboriginal owned, controlled and managed Supply Nation Certified Company, Real Futures has a well-established, successful employment and engagement model that has been duplicated across Australia with strong, respected relationships and a strategy that puts Aboriginal people and communities at the heart of its operations.

“We expect to have an active caseload of almost 700 participants in the next 12 months and will be looking to ensure young people are particularly supported through the program, so they have access to industry focused and life skills training that leads to sustainable employment.” said Wendy Yarnold, CEO of Real Futures.

Tourism is the largest emerging industry contributing to the economic success of the Gascoyne region. In addition to tourism, the region is home to significant operations in conservation and land management, pastoral, fishing and horticulture, all of which can offer provide jobs for people with the skills that contribute to the growth of these businesses.

Real Futures looks forward to exploring these opportunities for aspirants and job seekers to improve their employment outcomes.

Wendy Yarnold added that ‘Our aspirants are living examples of how Real Futures makes significant change, particularly the economic and social impact they make on their communities. We empower our people through financial freedom, transferable skills and links to personal financial help to consolidate debt, buy a car or a home or finally able to afford a special celebration with family.’


For comment or further information please contact:

Real Futures – Sean Challis – (07) 4081 6840