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Giving Back to Community

The Supervisor Team were overwhelmed at first glance of the epic proportions of this yard.

After some collaboration and putting together a no-fail action plan the team set out to attack this wild yard.

Completing one small section at a time gave the team a better sense of achievement as their work progressed throughout the day.

Starting at the gate and working their way to the backyard to eliminate trip hazards as they carted rubbish to the skip bin.

The Carnarvon community lost one of their own recently and Real Futures lost one of their participants. Out of respect for family we won’t mention his name. A good family man who was a full-time carer for his wife, who now unfortunately has to move to Perth for care.

He had a couple of true quality friends that have stepped up and are trying to get his estate in order so the money can help pay for permanent care in Perth. His friends  showed the true Australian spirit even as they were  overwhelmed  seeing the job ahead of them.  They turned to the Real Futures team for help.

Our supervisors put together the gardening tools needed for the job and with the help of participant Braiden they set out to tame the wild jungle that was the back yard. It’s a great thing that Real Futures does this kind of work for the community.

Without our supervisors we would not be able to provide this service.