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Cyril “The Diamond” shines on the job

Image: left to right – Ashley from McDonald’s, Cyril and Christopher Collins Real Futures

Cyril is a 53-year-old proud Wajarri Indigenous man, he has been on DES since March 2019. Cyril is a hard worker and has a good work history but had back issues and lost his job. He has been applying for work but hasn’t had any luck finding a role as soon as employers find out about his back issues his application goes nowhere.

Due to his prolonged job search and his health issues, Cyril was going through mental health issues, anxiety, and depression as he had not been working and things were getting him down. Cyril felt that he was letting his family down as he was unable to provide for them.

Christopher Collins, Real Futures Employment Development Specialist worked with Ashley at McDonald’s to facilitate Cyril employment as a handy person. Ashley had a discussion with him, gave him a trial, and was super impressed.

According to Ashley “Cyril is a very polite, hardworking and reliable worker, who is very proactive and happy to do what’s asked of him, whether it’s starting early, staying back, always happy and willing to help out where required.”

Ashley wishes he could find more DIAMONDS like Cyril.

Cyril has been working at McDonald’s for nearly a year now, and has thanked Real Futures numerous times for helping him out of the slump he was in and turning things around for him.

Learn more about our Disability Employment Services (DES)

Our background in working with people who have faced disadvantage and discrimination has broken down many barriers for our job seekers and we bring this experience to those people who live with a disability or inability.

Our Employment Specialists know how to help you get ready for the world of work. We will update your resume, find suitable training that suits you and the job, buy some of the things you need to get started, like work clothes, and support you when you start work. Find out more here.

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International Day of People with Disability 2022 - #IDPwD #lookbeyond

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is a United Nations observed day celebrated
on 3 December each year to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. By acknowledging this important day, we can take action to remove barriers for the 4.4 million Australians with disability and contribute to positive change in our workplace and in
the community more broadly.


This IDPwD, as we acknowledge and celebrate disability, we also challenge ourselves to #lookbeyond and start conversations about the unique stories of individuals with disability, because not all disability is the same; in fact, many disabilities are hidden.


Real Futures and IDPwD 2022

As part of supporting this important day, Real Futures in collaboration with sister organisations Joblife and Jobfind is launching a ‘100 jobs in 30 days’ campaign to support more of our disability employment service participants into sustainable employment.

This means we are also supporting more employers with the resources and tools they need to build inclusivity and diversity into the DNA of their workforces.

Graphic to showcase helping get people with a disability a job - 100 jobs in 30 days campaign.