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Community Development Program

Benefits for you and your Mob

Real Futures can strengthen your community as well as help you skill up for a job.

Real Futures has deep and rich ties to local Mob wherever we are. We work with individuals, communities and local employers to create job pathways and identify potential self-employment opportunities.

We build skills at the grassroots

Real Futures operates the Australian Government’s Community Development Program (CDP) in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, with site locations in Carnarvon, Exmouth, Burringarrah and Gascoyne Junction.

The program aims to build hands-on vocational skills that provide employment opportunities for people receiving income support payments in remote areas of Australia.

It is designed to meet the unique needs of remote communities, where finding a job is very different from finding a job in a major city or regional area.

Since its introduction, the CDP has supported thousands of participants into jobs.

We help you make a difference to your community

If you are a CDP participant with activity requirements, you are expected to complete up to 20 hours per week of work-like activities that increase your own skills as well as contribute to your community.

A package of support could include things like:

vocational and non-vocational training (including on-the-job training)
involvement in activities that support cultural practices such as Men’s and Women’s Business
essential skills training and help with overcoming barriers (for example, literacy problems)
job search assistance
work-like activities designed to boost your skills and experience, like working in a local market garden, or op shop
job placements and work experience placements
ongoing mentoring.

For you, the idea is to learn new skills or build on your existing skills, as well as increase your experience and readiness for work. And because CDP activities are driven by community partnerships, what you’re doing will also benefit your Mob.

How to access CDP support

Generally, you are eligible to receive CDP services if you live in remote Australia, and you are receiving income support payments and looking for a job. People not on income support can volunteer to participate in the CDP.

We do it well


Real Futures Community Development Program performance (14% above national average)


of Real Futures Community Development Program participants feel respected
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