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Busy times in Exmouth!

By 09/08/2019October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Real Futures have had some super exciting activities happening in Exmouth this week producing an amazingly diverse range of products.

The ladies of the community created gorgeous handmade quilts, immediately invoking that warm cosy feeling and with the vibrant colours reflecting their personalities and individuality. Tracy with a huge level of attention to detail, produced some top quality dog leads.

Need a fan for the site? No problems, Glen Aubrey and Bill Bell have got you covered! Using their initiative, they salvaged some steel and a solid table stand and next thing you know.  A purpose built fan! With that project complete they are straight into the next, just awaiting the arrival of timber so they can put the final touches on the work bench tops.

If all of this wasn’t enough at the same time the new Real Futures sign was being created! Crafted from a handsome solid piece of Jarrah timber, Shane Foster and Brad Rasmus worked together on this project producing a work of art. Sean’s suggestion of grooving out the jarrah and sinking the cut out lettering into the timber produced a stunning effect. All that remained was for Shane to cement in last sign post!  With a new sign now in place it will make it much it easier for everyone in Exmouth and the surrounding areas to locate us.

Real Futures are so very proud to display their new sign and to showcase the work that has been produced.  The quality of the products is a testament to the level of skill and pride that everyone has taken in their work.

These are just a sample of the many activities that our team at Real Futures have on offer to community members seeking future employment opportunities. By working together, the dedication of our Real Futures team coupled with the enthusiasm of our participants, results in the community benefiting as a whole!