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A planeload of food for Burringurrah

By 21/02/2020October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Isn’t this what community is all about?

Sean received a call on Monday afternoon about the Burringurrah community that have been isolated from resources for 3 weeks due to the floods and were running out of food.

He was told by police that they have exhausted avenues to reach the community and that government had done a food drop two weeks before where each household received a small amount of basic food such as rice, tea, coffee sugar etc. Given that some homes have 9 people living in them this didn’t go a long way.

We thought about how we can help this dire situation and raised it with Real Futures management before leaping into action.

We spoke to the education department that agreed to pay half of the $4000.00 plane charter to get food delivered to them. The charter plane could take a load of 600kg of food so we had to be smart about what we packed for the community that consists of 4 teachers and their family’s 54 community members and 2 police with one other guest from the department of child protection. It was a big effort taking 5 people just over an hour to weigh and pack all the supplies into the plane.

A massive thank you to all involved, to Sean and Real Futures and the education department for making an immediate difference and showing your support to the community.

Images from unloading and getting their food parcels to Burringurrah to follow.

 photos of us loading the plane.