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Carnarvon CDP Project: Cleaning Up Bush and Scrublands

By 06/05/2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

A Real Futures CDP project in Carnarvon WA has started an ongoing project cleaning up areas of the bush and scrublands of the Cornish Street area. Twelve CDP participants, Real Futures Supervisors, and NIAA were there for the mammoth effort. There hadn’t been rain in the area for sometime, but rubbish and debris flowed down from the Gascoyne River, leaving the local area a mess.

This is where the floodwaters from the Gascoyne River flowed through, leaving several loads of rubbish behind. 

Cleaning up the rubbish left by floodwaters.

Naomi from National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) was a driving force behind the project.

Sean Challis
the Regional CDP Manager from our Gascoyne Community Development Program said that everyone worked hard and showed great teamwork to complete the project.

Well done everyone for tidying up our community.