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Margaret’s Business Journey Helped with Training

Margaret Brown started her business S&M Creative Spirits after her mother and father passed away. The Initials S&M represent her parents first names.

She is passionate and draws from the wisdom and creativity that her parents have instilled in her throughout her life.

Margaret’s small business kicked off last year when COVID first hit Sydney, she started sewing masks to keep her family and community safe.

This led to more items being made such as bags, purses and one day she recalled waiting in line at Starbucks for her morning coffee and they advised her they had ran out of coffee sleeves. So, she used the coffee sleeve from Starbucks as a template and created her very own coffee sleeves.

Women’s Business recently assisted Margaret to complete an Introduction to Small Business Short Course with Many Rivers to support her business journey along with the purchase of beautiful material to create all the Deadly items you see in the picture.

Please watch out for S&M Creative Spirits on social media coming soon!