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Job Gives Jamie a Fresh Start

Jamie is a qualified plumber who recently moved to be close to family. He has been working on overcoming substance abuse issues and other obstacles to allow him to find a local job. Although Jamie is a skilled plumber he didn’t want to return to this industry and was seeking something different.

To help his job search Jamie joined Real Futures as a Job Seeker in November 2020. He settled into Woodwork and House Maintenance activities which he attended four days a week. He built fences, bench seats, and much more. Jamie didn’t miss a day and was keen to learn other things, he also completed a Traffic Management Course with Real Futures in Late November.

Jamie building a fence

Jamie building a fence

Late in January 2021 the local Baker, Jeremy contacted Real Futures looking for a Bakers Assistant. After much discussion with Jamie, he decided to give it a go. However, getting to work at 4 am each morning was a challenge at first, but he settled in well and enjoyed the work.

Jeremy rang Real Futures with concerns about Jamie’s memory and having to repeat his duties to him daily, we offered to do some cheat cards for Jamie however Jeremy said” leave it with me I will organise some cheat cards to help him with the work”, this worked well, Jamie is still employed by the Bakery today.

However, while working at the Bakery one of his uncles was ill with cancer and has since passed away. Jamie helped care for him and needed to take time off work during this period. Jeremy worked around this and welcomed Jamie back when he was ready to return to work.

Jamie is very happy in his position at the bakery. Since being employed he has purchased a cheap car and is leading a healthier lifestyle.

We are glad to see that his employer, Jeremy at the Bakery, has supported Jamie and helped him learn on the job. With employer’s support, it helps dedicated staff give back to the community and invest in their futures. The world needs more Jeremys to give hardworking job seekers a go.