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Good News Stories

Support for our local teams

In June, the Midwest Netball Association sent out an invite to all regional netball clubs to join the Midwest Gascoyne Regional Championships.

Coaches Amanda and Adam White thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for our local girls to join but being a very small association there was little chance they could get there without help. Like many years before they were unable to get transport for their teams to the event.

Adam approached Project Manager Sean Ford for the possibility of using the Real Futures Rosa bus. Sean then asked Regional Manager Sean Challis what he thought of the idea. He was happy to help for community support.

The next problem Amanda and Adam had was needing someone qualified to drive the bus. So, Sean Ford said that he would donate his time to the club so the girls could have a chance to compete.

Real Futures work hard and help the local community. We were thrilled that we were able to help out the local Netball team.