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Good News Stories

Mobile DOT – Carnarvon

Real Futures recently had the remote DOT services delivered back at Carnarvon. The previous sessions carried out this year in Burringarah, Denham and Gascoyne Junction sparked a lot of interest, and this service was in high demand with the people of Carnarvon.

The training session allows for participants to attain their provisional licence, learners license, complete their hazard perception training and other aspects to be ready for the road.

On this session we had many aspirants achieve their next steps of obtaining their driver’s license. We had 3 aspirants obtain their Provisionals, 4 undertook their theory test to get their learners licence, 3 successfully obtained their learners licence while 1 of the aspirants completed their hazard perception test.

Real Futures facilitated this learning for the aspirants by providing funding ad they also offered support to help achieve their licensing goals. From transport, real life testing and then undertaking the traffic and road rules practice online Real Futures were instrumental in the process to getting the aspirants ready for the road.

It was a rewarding day all round for the Real Futures team and the aspirants. By acquiring these next steps in their driving, they have gained independence, boosted their confidence as well as enhanced their LLN and social skills.

We are looking forward to the next session as this support allows for aspirants to acknowledge their strengths and it also address transport barrier pathway to employment.  Well done to everyone involved.