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Shannon Nesbit Is Thriving In His Role As A Support Worker

Shannon Nesbit Support Worker

Real Futures is over the moon to see Shannon thriving in his role as a part-time support worker!

Shannon is a proud Aboriginal man who has lived most of his life in Sydney NSW. He has overcome many barriers in his time but strives to be a role model for younger Mob.  

As he was adopted out at birth, Shannon was raised by his foster parents. He didn’t meet his birth mother until he was a teenager. Shannon was held back a lot due to his mental health issues and did not know where to go to make a change.  

After attending many employment services, Shannon received no help and felt like he had hit a dead end.  

He was at a Kimberwalli event in Western Sydney when a Real Futures Staff Member approached him. They invited him to attend an information session for Australian Unity.  

After attending the session, Shannon felt relieved and knew that this was his time to make a change. 

Real Futures supported Shannon to secure a role with Australian Unity as a part-time Support Worker, assisting our Elders with daily care and activities.  

Shannon has now been working for over 3-months with Australian Unity and absolutely loves his role. He has ambitions to move up to a full-time position in the future.  

As he has always wanted to work with Community and make an impact, Shannon feels this is his calling.  

Real Futures continues to support Shannon in his role with our post-placement support and are so proud of the change he has made!