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Carnarvon Aspirants Achieve Their Certificate II in Construction

Carnarvon Aspirants

Congratulations to our Carnarvon aspirants, Leonard, Weylin, Simon, Gordon and Gordon who have just completed their Certificate II in Construction!  

It has been a joy to watch these men complete their training and to say we’ve been impressed is an understatement!  

They are the workforce behind the incredible renovations and groundwork at Cardabia Station. You can read about all the work they completed here 

We saw hundreds of visitors enjoy the new facilities at the Solar Eclipse celebrations in April. Read about Jamba Nyinayari, the Solar Eclipse event here.  


Carnarvon Aspirants

The training took 12-weeks and the activities and jobs they participated in included:   

  • Work Health and Safety Protocols  
  • Levelling ground and trenching for water pipes  
  • Pouring concrete   
  • Using large machinery like an excavator, skid steer and driller  
  • Renovating the kitchen, dry goods storage area and bathrooms  
  • Installing a water tank  
  • Drilling holes and setting posts for lamps  
  • Levelling the ground for the camping area 

A massive thank you to TAFE Lecturers Ray Park and Ben Muslen who trained the group and our own Supervisor William Bell who supported them throughout the 12-weeks.  

The guys still have work to do on the Station project so they’ve been right back at it straight after graduation!  

The Carnarvon team is feeling proud and we’re looking forward to supporting them in their careers in construction  

Jamba Nyinayari