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A new partnership supporting First Nations careers with NSW Health Pathology

Real Futures has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NSW Heath Pathology to foster career opportunities and improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

NSW Health Pathology Chief Executive Vanessa Janissen joined Real Futures Chief Executive Officer Christianna Cartwright to sign the MOU, formalising the partnership between the two organisations.

“It’s about forging stronger connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” Vanessa Janissen said at the signing.

“We will commit to identifying potential employment opportunities within NSW Health Pathology and encourage First Nations people to apply.

“I’m excited that within our newest cohort of NSW Health Pathology trainees, 10 per cent identify as Aboriginal.”

Ms Janissen said the MOU was also about improving NSW Health Pathology’s services for First Nations people.

“We will listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to better understand their needs and work to adapt our practices to deliver better health outcomes.

“We will put Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the centre of all that we do,” Ms Janissen said.

CEO Christianna Cartwright said her organisation looks forward to working with NSW Health Pathology to ensure job candidates get the support they need.

“We will provide mentoring and assistance for successful candidates for the first six months of their employment with NSW Health Pathology,” she said.

“That includes support for ongoing attendance and to help them overcome any barriers to performing their job.

“Our aim is to upskill and empower First Nations people to gain meaningful work, become an asset to their workplace and role models for others.”

NSW Health Pathology’s Associate Director, Aboriginal Partnerships and Inclusion, Kevin Stanley welcomed the new partnership with Real Futures.

“Our MoU and formalised partnership with Real Futures solidifies our commitment to continue work that has been underway for more than six months,” he said.

“Connecting with community at a grass roots level is a key factor in the success of any Aboriginal works and our partnership with Real Futures is an amazing start to establishing such valuable connections.”

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