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Real Futures went above and beyond for Bella

By 20/10/2021November 8th, 2021No Comments

Bella is a 46-year woman from Carnarvon, WA. Ricci Chatfield from Real Futures first met Bella during an appointment in June of 2021 regarding her Mutual Obligation Activity. Bella had some troubles and triumphs, and Ricci was immediately empathetic to her struggles and barriers.  Ricci could see that Bella was trying to overcome them and change her life for the better.

Ricci started chatting to Bella about life and her future and what she would like to accomplish. It was baby steps at the start and then it was like a switch was turned on. Bella stated that attending her Creative Arts Workshops has really helped her to get out of the house and to develop a routine each day. She loved coming to talk with the other participants and making/creating her art and craft.

Bella had never had paid employment but was always helping in her community. While helping Bella update her resume, she was so disheartened about what was on it. Ricci talked her through the updates and what she had accomplished in such a short time. Bella had started at the Breakfast Club as a Nutrition Support Worker helping getting brekky ready for kids in the village and informed her that she has more skills and abilities than she thinks. Bella was thinking that cleaning/kitchenhand jobs was all she could do and that is all she looked for at the start.

After updating her resume, she had a smile and was a little more confident and disclosed that she would like to look for a “proper job” so that she can do something for herself and earn money so that she can eventually move out of the village and into her own little unit/house.

Ricci from Real Futures continued re-assuring and mentoring Bella in the pre- employment phase and that something will become available for her. Over the next few months, Ricci was getting phone calls from Bella daily at times just to check in and chat. We went through various employment opportunities and sent referrals off for Hospitality and cleaning jobs, Carnarvon Community College as a COVID cleaner and to Carnarvon Hospital as a Patient Care Assistant. Assistance was provided to Bella for a birth Certificate, Proof of age card, NPC, WWC check, Educational Police Clearance, presentation assistance, transport assistance and anything else as required.

Bella so far has been unsuccessful in many positions and although she was getting worried that she would never get a job or be given a chance I continued to tell her that it is ok and that those positions were not right for her.

Carnarvon Hospital called in early September 2021 for an interview. Bella and Ricci met at the Real Futures office to go through interview scenarios and mock interview techniques and questions she might get asked. Ricci informed Bella that the best thing at the interview is to smile, be honest regarding all the questions, be herself and make sure that her mobile phone is off before the interview.

Real Futures helped with some clothing and transport to the interview. I contacted Bella the morning of the interview and wished her luck.

“I think I was more nervous than Bella” Ricci, Real Futures

Bella completed the interview and phoned EDS immediately after, she sounded happy and felt as though the interview went really well.

A very excited and happy Bella with her employment contract. Well done Bella!

A very excited and happy Bella with her employment contract. Well done Bella!


Later that day Ricci received an email from the hospital as Bella had put her down as a referee. Ricci completed the referee information and emailed it off to the HR department.

Over the next week Real Futures received a variety of emails including pre-employment forms for Bella. Bella was happy to drop everything and come to the office to complete them. As part of her pre-employment phase Bella had to obtain her Flu Vax and then her 1st COVID 19 vaccination which she was more than happy to get and a lot of pre-employment medical assessments.

On the 21/9/21 that Ricci received the contract of employment with a start date for Bella. As you can imagine Bella was very happy to receive her offer of employment and attended the office to sign the contract.

Bella has attended her two days of training and inductions and will then commence employment as a Patient Care Assistant at Carnarvon Hospital.

Bella was very proud and excited and wanted a photograph with her contract of employment.  She wanted to send the photo to family and friends.

We are very happy for Bella, and congratulate her on her new role at the Carnarvon Hospital.