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Cert II Civil Construction in Plant Operations

By 04/11/2021November 8th, 2021No Comments

In conjunction with Real Futures, Training Alliance, and the Carnarvon Community College, Certificate II Civil Construction in Plant Operations training occurred from the 30th of August 2021 to October 2021.

All the students very happy to have completed their training

Carnarvon Community College students

Welcome to Country by Tracey Tonga

Due to the demand of employers seeking qualified machine operators in the Gascoyne Region. Real Futures facilitated this training, and it was organised with Training Alliance to deliver the machinery course.

The below photos are commemorating the success of Real Futures aspirants, Grade 11 Carnarvon Community College Students, and CCC School deputy principal and other school faculty, Naomi from NIAA and parents have attended this special occasion.

Only Cert II was organised this time due to the Work for the Dole changes to voluntary training. Real Futures has also invited the Carnarvon Community College to participate in this course as they previously requested to be involved as they do not have the numbers to fill a course.

Setting up the tipping hole

A Cert II course generally runs for 12 weeks, however, there is no assurance that Aspirants will retain in the course for 4 months as we cannot use compliance to get them to stay and attend the course. Whereas a Cert II course only runs for 7 weeks obtaining 1 machinery ticket (excavator) only and Work Safety Induction or White Card, however, to motivate and increase Aspirants’ engagements Real Futures has organised and liaised with Training Alliance that Real Futures to assist Aspirant’s with an extra 3 Machinery tickets (Loader, Skid Steer, Roller) for the costs of $759.00 per Aspirants if they completed the 7 weeks and are motivated to complete another 5 days training to obtain the other 3 machinery tickets.

All students hard at work learning the theory part of the training.

Regional Manager Sean Challis has requested that Training Alliance offer the free tickets to the CCC Students as the school has no approved funding to pay for the other machinery. Sean was successful in convincing Training Alliance Management to help the CCC students, which will help these young students have more opportunities in the future.

For this course, we have 22 Students actively engaged and completed out of 26 students originally enrolled. Eight Students from Carnarvon Community College and 14 Real Futures aspirants. The course commenced on the 30th of August 2021 and assisted aspirants to develop and enhance LLN advance career, enhance communication, social skills, and increase personal, interpersonal, and transferable skills. One of the Real Futures students is about to commence new employment as Machine Operator at the Flanco Civil Engineering company in Bassebdean.

Busy learning the theory but keen to put the ideas into action.

Real Futures is also a registered Sponsor Work and Development Permit Scheme in Gascoyne Region. In this event the course also has offered several aspirants to pay off their existing fines, four of these aspirants are completing and have benefited from the program. This has assisted them to address transport, legal and financial barriers, and has also prepared JS for future employment.