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Big dreams for this new Business Administration trainee

Edmund is a proud Dunghutti/Thunghutti man we have the pleasure of working with on the Mid North Coast of NSW. 

After completing Year 11, Edmund looked for a pathway into employment and found Real Futures. 

We soon learned that Edmund has a strong passion to help others and was very motivated to be a role model to young people. 

His own childhood brought many challenges. Growing up in foster care from the age of three wasn’t easy for Edmund. Having a job and a career was one way he could establish some stability for himself. 

Recently, Edmund started a traineeship with Real Futures. As part of his on-the-job training, he is also studying to complete a Certificate III in Business Administration qualification. 

Edmund says: “This opportunity has given me a sense of responsibility and it’s a start of a career that I look forward to.” 

But this is just the beginning for Edmund, who wants other children who have been in foster care, both in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, to know they can achieve anything regardless of their upbringing. 

“Real Futures has given me an opportunity for a better future that most kids in care aren’t lucky enough to receive.” 

Edmund’s career journey has just begun but he is well on his way to achieving the big dream –graduating from law school! 

About Real Futures VTEC program 

Real Futures operates Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTECs) in regional NSW and Western Sydney, as well as in Geraldton and the Pilbara in WA, and in Darwin, NT.

VTEC is a voluntary program which gives people who want to learn and work the opportunity to meet employers who are willing to train and hire them. 

The key feature of VTECs is the guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts. 

To join our VTECs, call for a yarn on 1800 732 538 or email