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Juvenile Justice Group Complete Their Civil Construction Training

Juvenile Justice Group – Civil Construction Training

At the end of 2022, we had a group of young men doing the Certificate III in Civil Construction, with most of them Juvenile Justice Referrals. They have now completed their training and gained their attainment on Friday 27 January.  

They have overcome numerous challenges to get to this stage in their training.
All of them have now got their learner plates and are doing their hours of driving practice.  

A few of the group were also using marijuana but have now stopped.  

On top of this, we have had the great news from Juvenile Justice and the court system that all the young men have been taken off their orders. The Courts and Juvenile Justice are over the moon with their progress! 

The Courts have also asked that a member of our team sit in on their meetings going forward. They said that these young men would have very likely ended up back in custody if they hadn’t been part of this program.  

From the success of this, we enrolled 10 more candidates into the next course which commenced on Tuesday 31 January.  

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Skye from our team. She’s supported this group, driving them to and from their training and done all the lunch deliveries. Britney has also been a great help support Skye with this program. 

Juvenile Justice Group – Civil Construction Training