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Sparking Aspirations: Achieving Basic Welding Qualifications in Carnarvon

Cooking on a welded BBQ

Six enthusiastic Real Futures aspirants participated in Regional TAFE’s Basic Welding training in Carnarvon at the start of October.

The training teaches the fundamentals of welding and is designed to kickstart a participant’s career in fabrication and welding or develop basic skills for their own private use.

The project they tackled was a mini-BBQ and, as you can see from the photos, they did an incredible job!

In addition to welding expertise, our aspirants gained more self-esteem and confidence, developed their literacy and numeracy skills, and built bonds and rapport with their fellow participants and lecturer.

We’re really impressed with how engaged all the participants were and loved seeing how their hidden skills and talents reveal themselves.

All of them showed initiative, commitment, perseverance, cooperation and plenty of imagination!

This training ignited a spark in all the participants. Some are interested in further training and others have had employment opportunities open for them.

Group image of the students who learnt to weld.

We’re pleased to share that one of our aspirants has now enrolled in a Certificate II in Engineering through TAFE Geraldton.

Real Futures continues to support all our aspirants through engaging them with more courses, encouraging personal development and arranging placements with a local boiler maker to give them more professional experience.

man with a BBQ he made whilst learning to weld