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Real Futures: Clearing up Canarvon Cemetery

By 11/06/2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Carnarvon Pioneer Cemetery was founded in 1880 and closed in 1973 although officially the last person to be buried there was in 1980.  The Cemetery has become overgrown, and a bit uncared for. So, the Real Futures team was delighted to get our tools and muck in to tidy the place up and show our respect for those who have passed. Many of the team had relatives buried here, and Real Futures is proud to have this as one of our projects. 

The Carnarvon Pioneer Cemetery was a multicultural cemetery that saw the beginning of the philosophy ‘One people one future’. In the early day’s areas were allocated to different religions and races but in the later years saw a stop to racial segregation and people were buried according to religion. 

Shaun Capewell driving the new zero turn mower that makes short work of the long grass. Shaun was proud to be a member of the team that cleaned up the Cemetery where his Great Grandfather was buried.

The pavilion at the entrance provides the names and plot numbers of those who lay to rest there, providing names to the unmarked graves.

The pavilion
Project Officer Sean Ford standing next to his grandfather’s grave.

When Aboriginal people were brought in to Carnarvon from the stations, they had to choose a surname for Government records. Most times they chose the name of someone that had influenced them growing up, Sean is honoured that his Grandfather is one of the people that made an impact and the surname Baron still lives strong in the local aboriginal community.