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Margaret is going from strength to strength

By 21/09/2022September 27th, 2022No Comments

Margaret Brown started her business S&M Creative Spirits after her mother and father passed away. The Initials S&M represent her parents first names.

Margaret signed up to the Hub to obtain assistance with kick starting her business. Women’s Business registered Margaret into the Many Rivers – Business workshop which she attended online due to COVID restrictions at the time. In this workshop, Margaret went through a business plan where she got to learn about the different facets of how to run a successful business.

Margaret with her daughter at the Blak Markets

Margaret with her daughter at the Blak Markets

Many Rivers then conducted a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis to help her identify areas she could grow and improve. Since this workshop, Margaret has continued to be mentored by Gary Harris and our Reach Out team which has helped her obtain more exposure for her business and build on new marketing strategies.

Margaret with her daughter at the Blak Markets

Margaret with her purse and bags she has created through S&M Spirits

Women’s Business continues to promote Margaret through all her business endeavours. We took a trip to the Blak Markets in April where she was given the opportunity to have a stall in the main entrance. Margaret got to sell a variety of her items and her famous Kangaroo Jerky.

We have also been working with Margaret to promote her business through a global documentary that is being developed by UN Women. This documentary will showcase Margaret’s life journey and how she came to form S&M Creative Spirits. Once completed, this touching story will be showcased on a global scale which will be massive exposure for Margaret’s growing business.