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Cardabia Station Is Rapidly Progressing Thanks To Our Construction Students

Cardabia Station Is Rapidly Progressing

The work at Cardabia Station is rapidly progressing and so are the skills of our guys on the ground!  

Our Real Futures Activity Supervisor William Bell has been sending through regular updates and photos. Here’s what the guys have been doing in the past couple of weeks.  

Leonard, James and Lawrence took turns on the skid steer loader to complete the many jobs we have on the go.


One of the big jobs was digging a trench for water from the water tank which will be placed by the buildings.  

Another job on the skid steer was levelling the ground for a lawn area. Here you can see Lawrence manning the machine. 

Cardabia Station Is Rapidly Progressing

It was all hands on deck as TAFE instructor Ben goes through how to change over from the bucket to Auger.  

The pedestrian walk path leading up to stage concert area is to be lit with 12 original telegraph posts spaced evenly along the trail and fitted with LED lights.


The men were responsible for drilling the holes and setting the posts in and have been working together to get the job done.  

We have an exceptional group of good people who are bonding and becoming a strong team. William can see that they are more than capable of meeting the challenges and deadlines set. 

Ben was also very impressed on how focussed the men were completing their tasks. 

The next job was levelling and skimming for the festival stage to be erected. Leonard, Gordon Jnr and James were set the task.


The ground was slippery clay below the crust which made it quite the challenge while they also learnt to operate the skid steer loader. 

James was bogging down making his first two cuts and problem solved to overcome the issues caused by the rain in the days before.  

Cardabia Station Is Rapidly Progressing

The kitchen and eating area needed to be prepared for construction and the guys came up with a plan.


Leonard and Lawrence tackled the kitchen, washing it down so the concrete chiller pad and dry goods storage area can be formed. 

The remainder of the team continued working with TAFE Instructor Ben. We make sure we rotate team members to give everyone practice on both machine and tools. 

Our final update is of the water tank pad – completed and positioned for coupling to plumbing. 

Here’s great shot of the guys working on it!


Cardabia Station Is Rapidly Progressing