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Jamba Nyinayari, the Solar Eclipse event, was an incredible success!

Jamba Nyinayari

Jamba Nyinayari, the Solar Eclipse event on Baiyungu Country, Coral Bay, was an incredible success! 

Over 500 people attended and enjoyed the live music, traditional dancing, storytelling, delicious food and Eclipse Dreaming, the spectacular drone light show.  

The Real Futures team played a pivotal and valuable role in the preparation and delivery of the event. 


Jamba Nyinayari

The training and jobs they participated in included:  

  • Work Health and Safety Protocols 
  • Levelling ground and trenching for water pipes 
  • Pouring concrete  
  • Using large machinery like an excavator, skid steer and driller 
  • Renovating the kitchen, dry goods storage area and bathrooms 
  • Installing a water tank 
  • Drilling holes and setting posts for lamps 
  • Levelling the ground for the camping area 
Jamba Nyinayari
Jamba Nyinayari

The Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation has appreciated the commitment and perseverance of the students and expressed their appreciate in the welcome speech. All the men were happy and proud to be part of the success.  

In the following days, the fullas helped with the post-event clean up and had a well-deserved week off after 2 months of work.  

Though the show is over, the students will continue with TPRJ and their Certificate in Civil Construction through TAFE. They still have some projects to complete at the Station which will be used as an asset for tourism in the future.  

It’s very rewarding to know that their work is contributing to the long-term growth of the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation.  

The course will finish at the end of May and the guys are looking forward to bigger opportunities ahead!