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Real Futures Carnarvon Aspirants Successfully Complete Workplace Qualifications

Workplace Qualifications

Aspirants in Carnarvon have been hard at work completing a number of different workplace qualifications. These new skills boost their confidence, make them much more attractive to employers and increase their chances of finding a fulfilling, local job.  

Here are some of the courses they completed in February 2023.  

Forklift Course

Forklift Course Carnarvon

Gascoyne Region has numbers of industries that requiring forklift skills and qualifications. These include retail, warehouse, construction, manufacturing and courier shipping.  

Have a forklift qualification is an attractive skill for prospective employees to have when applying for jobs. 

Aspirants are also able to improve workplace safety and give themselves better opportunities for jobs and experience.  

We had 5 participants successfully complete the forklift course at the end of February and now they are equipped with their tickets, they can apply for local jobs close to home.   


Forklift Course Carnarvon
Forklift Course Carnarvon
Forklift Course Carnarvon

Traffic Control Management

Traffic Control Management Carnarvon

Traffic Controller is one of the demand skills and qualifications in the Gascoyne Region within the road and civil construction industries.

In April, there is an unforgettable Solar Eclipse event in Exmouth, Coral Bay and Carnarvon, where thousands of tourists are expected to be travelling on the roads to experience it.

Real Futures has taken this opportunity to equip 12 Aspirants with the skills to be in the workforce for road maintenance, construction and managing the events.

The team has also started to speak to suitable local employers about long-term employment post-event.

The Traffic Control Management course provides the knowledge and skills required to be able to safety control traffic, implement basic traffic management plans for roadworks and plan, prepare and coordinate traffic. The primary goal of the course is to teach students about safety, traffic guidance and communication.

Participants also learn valuable soft skills such as active listening, teamwork, responsibility, dependability, leadership, motivation, flexibility, patience and empathy.


Traffic Control Management Carnarvon
Traffic Control Management Carnarvon

Elevated Work Platform Course

Elevated Work Platform Carnarvon

To enhance the Aspirants chances to be more employability, Real Futures worked in conjunction with Employment Training Solutions (ETS), to gain an Elevated Work Platform qualification. 

An Elevated Work Platform (EWP) license is an advantageous level of certification and supports aspirants to be more employable and have access to more jobs. For those who work onsite, the areas that cannot be accessed with a standard ladder require an Elevated Work Platform. 

There are many roles that require work on elevated platforms such as electrical companies, window cleaners, construction sites and many more. 

EWP training ensures that aspirants understand how to operate the necessary machinery safely. By gaining their tickets, our five Aspirants have more chance of being employed in their local areas. Real Futures is now supporting them in their job searches and applications.  

Elevated Work Platform Carnarvon
Elevated Work Platform Carnarvon

Work Safely at Heights and Confined Spaces

Work Safely at Heights and Confined Spaces Carnarvon

Work Safely at Heights 

One of the qualifications that is significant in the region is Work Safely at Heights. This training encourages on-site safety awareness and helps to reduce the risk of workplace injuries. We had five participants attend this course and the Confined Spaces course.  

This course ensures that all tradespeople have the skills needed to safely work at an elevated height and understanding the importance of safety protocols. This means their employers have confidence that they will promote a workplace that is proactive about safety. 


Confined Spaces 

The Confined space training course is designed to assist employees and employers in understanding the hazards and risks, legislative requirements, codes of practice and Australia Standards needed to enter and work in a confined space. It also helps workers understand what constitutes a confined space. Creating an awareness around the hazards in confined spaces will allow workers to exercise caution if anything was to happen.  

This qualification is very useful for the construction and mining industries as well as agricultural workers who might be working in silos. 

Work Safely at Heights and Confined Spaces Carnarvon