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Real Futures Opens Gwoonwardu Mia Café For Hospitality, Tourism and Cookery Training!

Gwoonwardu Mia Café

Together with Gwoonwardu Mia and Regional TAFE, Real Futures is opening the Gwoonwardu Mia Café as a training room for hospitality, tourism and cookery.  

Our aspirants now have the opportunity to gain skills and apply their learning in a real workplace. 

Real Futures has taken over the lease of the Gwoonwardu Mia Café and training is being provided by CRT.  

In collaboration with the partner organisations, we commenced Certificate II in Hospitality training in February.   

The aim of this program is to equip the aspirants to successfully manage the demands of the hospitality and tourism industry. 

The next big event is the Solar Eclipse celebrations in April, with many visitors coming to the area. We are also training them for the long-term delivery of hospitality services to the local area.  

For the first 2 days the ladies tackled the prime unit which is learning hygienic practices for food safety. 

The students were exceptionally interactive and shared their thoughts and ideas with their teacher.  

We’re excited for this incredible opportunity for our Aspirants to get the training and experience to run a real café!  

Gwoonwardu Mia Café