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Aspirants Get Ready For Work With Our New Program

Get Ready Program

Get Ready is a new program in Carnarvon that helps local aspirants feel prepared and confident for employment.  

At the start of May, the Tracey and Rona from the Real Futures team delivered three workshop sessions to 22 aspirants to help them Get Ready for work.  

The sessions were a great success! We were lucky to have special guests Ty Jones and Marie Andrews, Careers Development Officers at Joblink. They shared how to write a professional and effective resume and cover letter.  

Our aspirants were engaged and participated in all the activities. It was nice to see that they felt comfortable enough to openly share their employment experiences and challenges. Everyone supported one another which built their confidence more.  

We hosted the sessions at Gwoonwardu Mia and catering was provided by our own Jardilunji Mia Café. Real Futures aspirants are employed to operate the café and complete their hospitality training while doing so. We were all grateful for the delicious lunch they made for us!