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Krishay’s Work Experience as a Project Manager

Krishay's Work Experience

Krishay Jerrad, a Year 10 student at a local Carnarvon high school, joined our team for a week of work experience as a Project Assistant.  

A work placement like this is an excellent opportunity to try out a career or industry, or gain experience to increase your chances of getting a job in that field.  

Guided by our Project Manager Robinal, Krishay helped with planning the week’s work, managing project resources, carrying out equipment and safely checks, and leading the team.  

The major project he worked on was the renovation of the Carnarvon Community Art Hub.  

Krishay impressed us across the week, displaying good teamwork and integrating well with the other team members. He was conscientious in ensuring that we achieved the project results within the target timeframe.  

We were also very pleased to see he felt confident enough to conduct the toolbox meetings before work each morning. 

Krishay shared that he is keen to become an engineer in the future, specialising in mechanical or civil engineering.  

Our team all agree that he’ll be successful in any endeavour he chooses to pursue!