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Art for the Whole Community in Carnarvon!

Carnarvon Community Art Hub

Our Carnarvon team have impressed the local community with their important contribution to the renovation and opening of the Carnarvon Community Art Hub.

Real Futures Gascoyne have been working together with the Shire of Carnarvon since the start of November to repair and refurbish an unused retail space into an art haven for all to enjoy.

Eight aspirants, alongside our team, began by ripping up the old carpet and cleaning the leftover adhesive from the floor. They also patched up the holes in the walls and cleaned the whole area.

Then it was time for paint! To keep the focus on the art, we chose a crisp white paint for the walls and ‘Koala Grey’ for the floor.

Our Project Manager Robinal shared that he was really impressed with the teamwork, painting skills and precision in all the finishing.

Once the display shelves and tables were set up, it was time to open the space to the public! 

The Carnarvon Community Art Hub is now an accessible place for the whole community to get creative, display their work, run workshops and enjoy the pleasures of art. 

Well done to all our aspirants involved and thank you to the Shire of Carnarvon for partnering with us on this project.