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WB2C – Melissa Whitton’s Inspirational Story of Transformation

Melissa Whitton, a proud Wiradjuri woman, shares her beautiful, powerful and inspirational story with Women’s Business 🧡 

Melissa found herself in a cycle of drug addiction, which spiralled out of control when her father passed away. After having her children forcibly removed and spending time in prison, Melissa was determined to make a change. 

“If you want a better life, you have to want it within yourself. No-one can hand it to you” 

Get the tissues ready and listen to how she transformed her life.  

Melissa is both a WB2C aspirant and supporter, connecting us with local Wellington women and hosting our workshops at WINS Community Centre, where she now works.  

Melissa’s daughter Shanieka is also one of our incredible Reach Out Officers at the WB2C Hub in Rooty Hill.  

She’s been delivering outreach events and workshops in Wellington and Dubbo as part of the Return to Work Pathways program.  

As a Wellington local, giving back to the First Nations women in her community is incredibly special for Shanieka.  

It’s safe to say, our whole team is so proud of Melissa and will continue to be supporting her as she creates a new path in life.