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Providing Training Opportunities in Collaboration with the Shire of Carnarvon

Shire of Carnarvon Partnership Pic
*This story was written by the Shire of Carnarvon and shared with our permission. 

The Shire of Carnarvon has partnered with Real Futures Pty Ltd, an organisation dedicated to building community capacity through job readiness initiatives across Australia, to strengthen their relationship for the benefit of the Carnarvon community.

In a collaborative effort with Real Futures, the Shire recently offered free training opportunities to Real Futures clients aimed at addressing skill shortages and boosting local workforce capacity to ensure they are “job ready,” therefore enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

Specifically, the Shire provided training in Waste Management to five Real Futures clients, who upon successful completion of the program, had the chance to apply for positions at the Shire’s Waste Facility through its recruitment process. Two clients from Real Futures successfully secured positions for six-month trial work placements. Throughout this trial period, the recruits will receive ongoing support for career and training development. Upon completing the six-month placement successfully, they will be offered permanent full-time roles within the Shire of Carnarvon.

The Shire of Carnarvon remains committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that prioritises the growth and development of its team members. It is hoped that this partnership will provide Real Futures clients with valuable experience in a new professional environment.