CDP is a Federal Government funded program aimed at increasing hands on vocational skills that provide employment opportunities for people on welfare. Real Futures work with individuals, communities and local employers to create job pathways and identify potential self-employment and industry gaps strengthening economic and social participation in communities.

The Community Development Program (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. CDP supports job seekers in remote Australia to build skills, address barriers and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities. It is designed around the unique social and labour market conditions in remote Australia and is part of the Australian Government’s agenda for increasing employment and breaking the cycle of welfare dependency.

CDP participants with activity requirements are expected to complete up to 20 hours per week of work-like activities that benefit their community. CDP offers a broad range of flexible activities to increase participants’ skills and contribute to their community.

Since its introduction, CDP has supported participants into thousands of jobs.

We have a deep passion for real change – creating real futures and empowerment for Aboriginal people through employment. We achieve this by dovetailing the needs of First Australians with employers to create sustainable outcomes.

Five Components of VTEC

Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) form part of the Federal Government’s strategy in ending disparity for First Australians through support based training and employment. Based on the Generation One employment model, VTECs are the place where job-ready people and employers connect. There are five components to VTECs:

Community Engagement

Aspirants are invited to attend a Connection Day where they learn about available job opportunities, meet potential employers, tweek their resumes, learn basic interview skills and identify gaps that need training to enable a smooth transition to work. Real Futures takes care of the detail.

Work Readiness

We provide a customised, client centric service that is flexible to enable life changing opportunities. Our life experience tells us that work practices to get our mob ready to start and keep working cannot be rigid and need to include our aspirant’s whole family, community, customs and Country commitments and then make sure that our people fit the employer’s expectations.

Our focus is to enable a smooth, uninterrupted progression into work, work that is sustainable and not a quick fix. We boast our unique phases of worker development:

“Aspirant, Applicant, Active, Achiever, Advance”

These phases shape our Pre-employment training which includes:

  • Suitability and Job Readiness Training
  • Life skills training tailored to each individual needs to acquire the tools to address existing and potential barriers to entering and retaining employment
  • Build confidence
  • Gain licencing requirements and legal advocacy
  • Pre-requisite training requirements including accredited units
  • Ongoing mentoring and support provided by Reach Out Officers (ROOs)
  • Using social media as songlines to keep people connected

Vocational Training

Real Futures organises training based on the needs of the employer and the aspirant so that it is industry, job and culturally specific. Job pre-requisites and training requirements are discussed at the initial consultation stage and then tailored once jobs are identified and the applicants selected. Training can involve full qualifications, clusters of units, Recognition of Prior Learning or Traineeships and can be delivered by the employer’s preferred Registered Training Organisation or sourced through an RTO identified as appropriate by Real Futures.

Real Futures works in conjunction with Traditional Owners at all locations to ensure Indigenous people from Country have the first level of opportunity.

Guaranteed Jobs

Every job we advertised is a guaranteed job for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian.

VTECs will source job vacancies directly from employers who have emerging industry opportunities and are willing to look first at personality and potential for a productive employee to be chosen – everything after that can be taught. VTECs will work with employers that guarantee jobs to indigenous job seekers to understand what skills and training the employer requires for the positions available.

A hallmark of Real Futures is personal attention, combined with a depth of expertise in skilling up and supporting Aboriginal people to dovetail with the needs of your business. Our unique five phase process is tailored to achieve quality workplace outcomes while fulfilling the career aspirations of employees. An integral part in tailoring to your business needs is the consultation stage where we meet to discuss your:

  • Enterprise development
  • Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Employment and recruitment strategies
  • Partnerships
  • Cultural awareness
  • Skills acquisition, work experience, pre-employment
  • Work readiness and job specific training
  • Career planning, professional development, leadership programs
  • Post placement support and mentoring

Post Placement Support

  • Real Futures’ Reach-Out-Officers (ROOs) are vital to ensuring our aspirants and employers maintain a sustainable relationship – it is their sole purpose to ensure these relationships are maintained and continue to work throughout our aspirant’s journey.
  • Real Futures’ ROOs are employed on the front line and track our job starters while respecting culture and traditional issues, aimed at reducing the chance of our participants being overcome with circumstance that may cause disruption and eventually cessation in the workforce.
  • Real Futures’ ROO engagement model are Aboriginal community leaders who operate in the region/community where participants feel most comfortable. Providing services to participants face-to-face, and in a community setting is best practice and is a key strategy in attracting participants and delivering services.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to establish and deliver the Vocational Training and Employment Centres for Aboriginal people. We have a deep passion for real change – creating real futures and empowerment for Aboriginal people through employment. We achieve this by dovetailing the needs of First Australians with employers to create sustainable outcomes.

Find out more about Generation One and VTECs here:

Our 5 Phase Process

Real Futures has a combined depth of expertise in skilling and supporting Aboriginal people to be successful in their chosen career. We have established a five phase process to identify and give people the right kind of support from the first day we meet and screen them, through to the stage we share aspiration for – their life plan phase.

Supported by Real Futures’ Reach Out Officers (ROOs)