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Looking for work

An image of an indigenous man looking at the camera

How we can help

If you are ready to work, or need the skills to chase that dream job, Real Futures can help.

Real Futures has changed the lives of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and their communities – their Mob – by doing things differently. We are deeply embedded in the communities where we work, and we create new opportunities in partnership with others every day.

It all starts by getting to know your needs and aspirations, so we can help you move forward at your own pace.

There’s no cost to you

Our support won’t cost you anything. Real Futures is funded by the Australian Government to provide our services to you, through our: 

Support that understands special needs as well as unique abilities

If you have a disability, injury or health condition, we can help you find a job and keep it. We offer Disability Employment Services (DES) from our Kempsey and Geraldton offices. We employ and skill our expert staff to deliver quality services in all of our locations.

Why we’re different

For us, it’s all about mutual respect. As a majority Aboriginal-owned company, we are part of your community – and passionate about empowering our Mob and building a First Nations workforce.

We care about your wellbeing.

And we start with a yarn.

90% of our Mob say we exceeded their expectations.

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