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Malgana (welcome) to Malkana/Malgana Nation

Real Futures Denham

Welcome to Denham

Denham is a Community Development Progam in a remote location in WA.

We have a large majority of our job seekers in employment.

In Denham, our Community Development Program includes woodwork and house maintenance, and creative arts and gardening.

We assist job seekers and community members wherever necessary.

Our passion

We have a deep passion for real change – creating real futures and empowerment for Aboriginal people through employment. We achieve this by dovetailing the needs of First Australians with employers to create sustainable outcomes.

More about Denham

Located on the western coast of the Peron Peninsula 831 kilometres (516 mi) north of Perth, Denham is the western most publicly accessible town in Australia.

Today, Denham survives as the gateway for the tourists who come to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia, which is located 23 kilometres (14 mi) northeast of the town. The town also has an attractive beach and a jetty popular with those interested in fishing and boating.

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