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Biosecurity Workshop

In 2019, Real Futures purchased a plantation that had been abandoned for 12 years following extreme flooding.  

Our intention was to transform it into a Horticultural Training Facility however, the Covid lockdowns and changes to funding put those plans to a halt.  

In the past three years, our team has been doing it up and preparing it to be a functioning plantation.  

In 2021, the house onsite was rebuilt and in 2022, all the underground pipe work was completed and bore pumps put in. 

This year, we’ve been preparing for planting! Throughout August, Aspirants have been working with our Project Manager Robinal Ram to put 500 copper poles in the ground. This is in preparation for planting passionfruit trees.  We have also attended a Biosecurity Workshop where we further learnt how to protect the environment and improve food security!

We have big plans for the plantation (see our map below) and the next stage of planting will be mango and fig trees.  

Plantation map to improve biosecurity

Plantation Map