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Revitalising The Mungullah Community

Mungullah Revitalisation

In a display of community spirit, the Real Futures Mungullah crew recently undertook the task of revitalising the entrance of the Mungullah Community Aboriginal Corporation.  The entrance was covered in overgrown grass making it not only unsightly but a tripping hazard also.  

Guided by Jennifer, from the Shire of Carnarvon, the Real Futures team took to the turning the wild tangle of grass into a welcoming path. The guys put on personal protective gear and used specialized machinery to tackle the overgrown greenery by removing weeds, trimming the edges and cutting the grass. 

Under the warm sun, the Real Futures team demonstrated teamwork and their coordinated efforts produced an impressive transformation. The once-overgrown path is now clear and looks wonderful, which is a very positive outcome from this activity. However, the impact of their work goes beyond just appearances – it is a testimony to teamwork and community pride.  

Mungullah Revitalisation

But the story doesn’t end here, the fellas will continue their efforts with a bi-weekly program. This ongoing initiative will not only to keep the community clean but also to encourage others to play their part in nurturing a vibrant and welcoming community. 

 The lawn works at Mungullah has been a win-win situation for both the Shire and Real Futures. Real Futures aspirants got to help in community work and understand the importance of cleaning the environment not only as a community but also at individual homes. Well done to all involved on the day!