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Giving Back to The Community

By 24/02/2021October 22nd, 2021No Comments

Conny was a victim of the recent floods in Carnarvon. The water level at the caravan park rose to over 900mm high which put 200mm of water through Conny’s van destroying most of her belongings.

Tony is also a resident of Carnarvon Caravan Park when the floods came and like so many others didn’t have the time to get his belongings to higher ground because of the sheer speed the water came down. He lost almost everything he had.

The outside of Tony’s van halfway through clean-up. Still a long way to go.
Without the aid of crutches Tony
is unable to walk.


Participant Donald saving what he can of Tony’s belongings.

The only salvageable items outside of Tony’s van

“Even if I’d had more time to prep, without help the outcome would have been the same.” Tony

Sean and Donald moving furniture out of Tony’s new Unit,
due to his disability he can not use.

When Real Futures got the call to assist Conny and Tony we were more than happy to help.

This photo was before the peak of the flood at Carnarvon.
You can see Conny’s van near the top left corner.
This is the disaster that Conny came home to
Supervisor Patrick with a ute load of Conny’s plants
Our wonderful team cleaned up all the mess the flood created.

The boys did a fantastic job getting Conny’s caravan back to a livable condition. She said she could not of praised them enough and the help she received made the overwhelming damage easier to cope with.

The Real Futures team helping Conny cleaning up her caravan after the flood.
There was a lot to tidy up and the boys made quick work of it all.
The team sorting out tidying up Conny’s place.

Well done to the whole team at Real Futures for helping the local community in Carnarvon tidy up from the recent flood.