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Bobby’s First Job as a Terminal Operator

By 01/09/2021November 8th, 2021No Comments

Bobby is a young school leaver who recently relocated to Karratha to seek employment opportunities in the mining sector.

Bobby is very happy with his new job as a Terminal Operator


He was in constant contact with the Karratha Real Futures staff for advice and help to get a job. The team helped Bobby create a resume, build his confidence, and engage with employers.

The Real Futures team managed to secure Bobby an interview with AUS Group for a role at the local Woodside/ Rio Tinto operated Port in Karratha as a Terminal Operator with re-fueling carrier and cargo ships.

Bobby attended the interview with Chelsea in Karratha. Upon arrival, Bobby was informed the supervisor was ill and Bobby would now be interviewed by the General Manager of the company at short notice, Bobby was fine and presented extremely well.

He walked out of the meeting with a well-paying job and commenced employment in mid-August 2021.

Chelsea drove Bobby home and he explained what had happened to his very excited family as Bobby had never had a job before.

The employer then contacted Chelsea and was over the moon with Bobby and explained that she had the privilege of formally notifying Bobby of his successful placement. Over the phone, Chelsea could hear the family celebrating Bobby’s success in the background.

Bobby has now received his Aveling Rio Tinto inductions to begin work and he thanked Real Futures for all their assistance.