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It’s More Than a Licence at the Real Futures Driving School

In partnership with the Government of Western Australia Department of Transport, Real Futures Gascoyne has our very own Driving School!  

Our Driving Instructors run the Driving Access and Equity Program which helps locals by: 

  • Providing access to vehicles, instructors and supervisors to help people learn to drive  
  • Helping people overcome issues and costs that may prevent them from obtaining their licence 
  • Increasing access to Department of Transport services  

We’ve had some wonderful success stories over the past month that we would like to celebrate!  

Thi Overcomes Language Barriers 

Carnarvon resident Thi Thay NGUYEN is celebrating getting her Provisional Licence with extra support from our instructors Chris and Peter.  

Thi has very limited English which provided an interested challenge for the duo! Lucky for them, Real Futures had an inhouse translator in the form of our team member Phuong DUNG HA.  

Thanks to Phuong, the driving lessons were an enjoyable, engaging and most importantly of all, not lost in translation!   

Thi is making good use of her licence and is now able to drive her children to daycare in town. This means she can go to work on a family farm during the week.   


Marleigh’s Determination To Drive a Manual

Marleigh Nugent has successfully passed her practical driving assessment and is the proud owner of her P Plates!  

Marleigh came to the Real Futures Driving School for assistance in getting her licence as she doesn’t have access to a manual vehicle.  

Both Marleigh and her mother believe that having a manual licence is an advantage in seeking employment and an excellent general life skill.  

Marleigh is now able to assist her mother more in developing her Indigenous tourism business. 

Alongside this, she is most looking forward to the freedom her licence will provide! 

Kyle’s License is Helping the Community 

Kyle Williams joined our Driving School to move from a restricted Automatic C Class Licence to an unrestricted Manual Licence.  

A fast learner, Kyle picked up the manual driving skills with ease and was stoked to pass his test!  

Kyle is not only putting the new licence to good use at work, but it’s also helpful in his role as a State Emergency Service Volunteer. He’ll be able to use the fleet of vehicles available when he assists his local and wider community in times of need.   

Well done Kyle! 


As you can see from all of these stories, having a licence isn’t just about being able to drive.  

From employment to volunteering to helping with the family businesses, all of these clients are now able to do more for themselves, their families and their community.  

This is why a free service like the Driving Access and Equity Program is so important and we thank the Department of Transport for funding our Driving School.