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Real Futures Hospitality Skill Set

The Hospitality Skill Set training was in conjunction with Regional TAFE Carnarvon
Delivered  by: Govert Naber

Govert Naber from Regional TAFE Carnarvon

Govert Naber from Regional TAFE Carnarvon Hospitality trainer receiving his appreciation gift ​
made by Maureen Foster​


Carnarvon is a small coastal town. Carnarvon has a number of hospitality businesses from bars, cafes through to restaurants, venues and hotels. Hospitality offers a range of both entry level jobs and career progression opportunities for the local community.

Our aspirants have learned and have obtained their responsible service of alcohol (RSA), barista skills using commercial machines, how to communicate effectively and provide quality service to customers including establishing rapport, determining and addressing their needs, and responding and managing complaints and taking order. Aspirants also learned how to process cash and other payments using business technology and reconcile takings at the end of the service period or day, through the POS (Point of Sale) system. The skill set also includes infection control and prevention procedures and food safety.

Employers let Real Futures know that delivering a Barista course would be beneficial to the local hospitality industry and will increase employment opportunities. 

Real Futures approached TAFE to deliver the five-day hospitality course. Thanks to TAFE for  accommodating our request and delivering two sessions for our Real Futures site in Carnarvon and also in Denham.

TAFE Geraldton utilised their mobile coffee van to deliver this service at both sites. TAFE advised Real Futures that the course would be at no expense for students under the age of 25 or those that hold a concession card.

The Course included the following units: Hygiene, Customer service, Barista and RSA.

Real Futures had seven aspirants enrol and all seven completed the course.

Engaging in this course helps to address aspirants employment barriers. The course also assisted aspirants with their confidence, build rapport with other aspirants, enhance cognitive and communication skills. Aspirants who have completed the course are now been helped by Real Futures to find suitable employment. 

Practical is over and now it is time to hit the books. Theory classes have begun.

Practical is over and now it is time to hit the books. Theory classes have begun.