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Levelling, Trenching and Pouring Concrete at Cardabia Station

By 10/03/2023March 13th, 2023No Comments
Levelling, Trenching and Pouring Concrete

In preparation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse event, Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation reached out to Real Futures to support them in the construction and repair of the Cardabia Station. This will be used as a campground for tourists when they visit the Shire for the big event.

Through Supported Employment and The Remote Jobs Trial Training Programme, our Aspirants are undertaking the Certificate II in Construction training. This training will ensure they have the skills they need to complete the work at Cardabia Station.


In the last week of February, the Aspirants worked on levelling and trenching for water pipes.  

Their trainers and supervisors said the men are loving using the machines like the excavator and have really stepped up to exceed performance expectations.  

Ben from the local TAFE said he was most impressed with all of the Aspirants.

Levelling, trenching and pouring concrete
Levelling, trenching and pouring concrete

By the start of March, they were ready to pour the concrete for the Station chiller pad.   

The pour started late after issues with equipment which is common in remote areas.  

Our teams had to work fast to beat the heat and have laid before it set but thankfully we have an awesome team who got stuck into it. 

The two Gordons (father and son), Leonard, James and Simo all worked together to ensure we met our deadline.  

The new system of engagement with Certified TAFE training, practical application on a real construction project, and paying Aspirants a wage to do the courses and work has completely changed their attitude towards it. 

Levelling, trenching and pouring concrete

Our Real Futures CDP supervisor William has been in the role since 2016 and has recognised a big difference.

He is seeing Aspirants willing to work do courses and excited about their futures.  this system not only works it also lifts the self-esteem of our Aspirants.  

They turn up ready for work on time, keen to get the job done and their self-esteem has been lifted.
For the first time ever, William is seeing hope in the eyes of those who once felt helpless and used. 

Now they can see a real future for themselves and the opportunity to make a better life for their families.  

The Real Futures team are very proud of these men! 

Levelling, trenching and pouring concrete